Serving Pagan In Religion And Life Grotto                                
We are a Pagan religious organization, established as a 501c3 and an affiliate of Aquarian Tabernacle Church

Our mission statement:
"To provide a safe atmosphere for personal enrichment that includes public religious rites, education and healing services for individuals exploring Pagan paths."

Our Declaration of Purpose:
"We Stand in Light, Walk in Spirit and Act in Love."

We feel that the time has come to move out of the shadows and declare who we are, to live without fear, to move our faith into a different model, to be taken seriously, to serve our community in times of trouble, to help our neighbors, to worship our gods, to come together in ritual, to come together in fellowship, and to raise our children in our faith.

We stand in perfect love and in perfect trust.

So Mote It Be.

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year training for any who are interested.

Services on New Moons and Full and Sabbats Celebrations where all are welcome.

SPIRAL celebrates open New Moons and Full Moons
and Sabbats

Please be on time and bring a snack to share

Children are welcome

Please see our Events page

We are raising the money to have a brick and mortar building where we can come together to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats. Please help us reach our goal by donating, it is tax deductable.

Sunday Dec. 18th, 2016
2 - 6 PM
Edwin Warner Park

The park is easy to find, MapQuest it, 50 Vaughn Rd. It is off Old Hickory Blvd. In the Bellevue area. Vaughn road is across from the steeplechase fields. There will be signs which say SPIRAL at Vaughn Rd and at the entrance to the picnic area. There is a traffic light at Vaughn Rd. and is across from the steeple chase grounds. When you turn at Vaughn Rd. There is a house, an entrance to a picnic area and the entrance to the other picnic areas, all on the right. Take the entrance to picnic areas 2-11. Go past picnic area #4, the bathrooms and picnic area #5. The next right will take you to 2 gates they are visible from the road. You will take the left fork. I will park at the turn off to the site. Richard will be waiting at 640 Spence Ln. from anyone who is not sure where the park is located. He will be leaving the office at 1:30, no later so plan accordingly.
615-707-2990 is my number, if you get lost call. But I urge you to look at the map and figure out where you are going.
Dress warm, bring something to sit on, food to share, lanterns and a few dollars to donate.