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The idea for a Pagan church as been in the works for some time. We had a terrible flood in Nashville in 2010. We saw many people could not get any kind of help or aid. We raised money, collected clothing and food with the help of other Pagan orginazations, and offered it to people regardless of their religion or ethnicity or gender. At that point the idea was born that we needed our own church so that we could be even more help. Finally on Samhain 2013 we got our act together and became a 501c3 under the umbrella of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

While we do not have space to offer rituals, we will be offering online rituals for new and full moon via Facebook Life

You may find these ideas to be helpful as you walk your path and remember we are available to answer questions at

                                Have a strong desire to follow the Pagan Path.
            Understands that there will be powerful psychic and emotional experiences         and personal growth that will occur because of this step.
        Understands that "to stand in perfect love and perfect trust," means leaving all personal problems with other members outside of all functions you attend.
        Makes a true effort to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.
        Create a Book of Shadows in which you document a paper stating why you have made this choice and what you hope to gain; any spells and rituals you perform.
         Begin to collect magical tools.
         Choose a magickal name
        Complete Reiki I
        Complete reading list.
                Ancestors of the Craft - Christopher Penzcak
                True Magic - Amber K
                To Ride a Silver Broomstick - Silver Ravenwolf
                Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler
                Celtic Magic - D.J. Conway
                Eight Sabbats for Witches - Stewart Farrar
                Spells and How they work - Stewart and Janet Farrar
                Spell it Correctly - Tish Owen
                Wicca for the Solitary Practicioner - Scott Cunningham
                The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews - Scott Cunningham
                Eight Extraordinary Days - Kiki Dombrowski
                Wheel of the Year - Pauline Campanelli
        At the end of one year write a paper detailing what you have learned.
        Complete Reiki II        
        Knows the basic symbology of creating sacred space and is able to demonstrate.
        Can demonstrate calling quarters.
        Can demonstrate an altar layout.
        Understands and can discuss ritual protocol and etiquette.
        Can name and understands the energy behind the sacred elements and correspondences.
        Knows the history and philosophy of Modern Paganism.
        Know the Sabbaths and the energy associated with them.
        Understands how to work with energy.
        Complete reading list:
                The Secret
                Conversations with God
                (More TBA)
        At the end of the year write a paper detailing what you have learned, this goes in your Book of Shadows.
        Find and participate in community service projects.Participate in 2 public service projects
         Take Reiki III.
        Take a Meditation course.
        Take a Magick course.
        Take Divination course.
        Take classes with ATC or the Grey School
        Confront and heal at least one negative emotional wound.  Professional therapy may be indicated to accomplish this step.
        Write a complete ritual for New and Full Moon Esbats and for each Sabbat.